5 Ways to Get to know your Neighbours


It’s no secret that people don’t socialize with their neighbours the way they used to. While it used to be considered friendly to get to know the people around you, now thanks to Netflix, taking the initiative to get out and meet your neighbors is rare. In an apartment you’re already in tight quarters so why not make the most of it and meet some people. If you’re a little on the shy side, here are 5 tips for getting to know your neighbours.

Utilize a common space

If your building happens to have a common room, organize a get-together for residents and advertise it throughout the building. This could be a games night, a potluck or even just a party to meet ‘n mingle. This lets you interact with the people that you live with and who knows, you might even make a new friend. Even if there isn’t a planned event happening, you can still hang out in the common areas of the building and start chatting with other people there.

Start a club

You can start a running club or some other group activity that can be done either on-site or off. It will encourage people to get together on a regular basis and you may even develop a new hobby. You can also seek out local classes that are offered and find people to go with you. 

 Create a facebook page or newsletter

Talk to a few people in your building and float the idea of creating a facebook group or newsletter for the building. You can include building updates or a list of events taking place. While this is definitely easier said than done, it can be a nice way to communicate with the people you live with. Even if only a few people join it you’re still increasing communication amongst your peers. 

Start conversations

Be bold! Strike up conversations in the elevator or hallways with your neighbors. Often times it just takes a friendly smile or nod for someone to initiate a conversation. Here’s a list of 250 conversation starters so you’ll never run out of things to talk about. 

Use your pets

If your building is pet-friendly, dogs are usually instant friend bait. A good rule of thumb is that everyone worth befriending loves to ask people about their dogs. Conversations that start from your pets is a great way to get to know your neighbours and meet others who share your love of four-legged companions.  

You don’t have to be best friends with everyone you live with, but it is nice to get to know some of the people sharing your space. Taking the time to get to know your neighbours doesn’t have to be an ancient practice.

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