Our Resolution? Get Rid of Rent Checks

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In one of our recent posts, we gave you some ideas for New Year’s Resolutions. One of those was to get rid of rent checks. We thought we’d dive into why and how this will make your year a better year.

Getting Rid of Rent Checks Saves You Time & Money

This is a big one. If you’re a check writer – you know how time consuming the whole process can be. No more waiting in line at your property manager’s office, writing the check or paying for a check book when you pay your rent online.

Make Money Off Your Rent

In addition to saving time, if you’re looking to save money this year, paying your rent online with credit can mean significant cash back or rewards (depending on your card). Either of these will save you money. Rewards let you buy those expensive gadgets and other essentials you might need (or better yet, want), making your shopping lists a little less hefty. Cash back is also ideal, who wouldn’t want to make $$ off their rent?

Travel More with Travel Rewards

Travelling is always up there on the New Year’s resolutions. Why not start paying your rent with your credit card? If you have a travel rewards card – you’ll gain points every rent check. Think about the trips you could take!

Go Green

If your resolutions revolve around becoming a more conscious consumer, think about going green with online rent payments. Like your hydro bills and other payments, most companies are moving online – not only making it easier and convenient, but helping to reduce the amount of waste from bills and checks.

Gain Better Credit

If your goal this year is to get your credit score up, setting up automatic online payments is the way to go! This way, you’ll never have to worry about getting your rent in on time. One of the plus sides of online payments is that, if you have both credit and debit – you have a bit of a cushion if you’re having a financially challenging month.

If you’re interested in paying your rent online, sign up here.

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