The Many Faces of Roommates: The Ghost Roommate


Another commonly seen roommate in our series of The Many Faces of Roommates… The Ghost.

Ever lived with someone who you are certain lives with you, they pay their bills and their rent on time, their bed is slept in, their dishes are dirty in the sink… But you never see them. Like, ever. You’ve got yourself a ghost roommate. Don’t worry though, these roommates are harmless. If anything, it’s kind of a bonus that you get the whole place to yourself whenever you’re there and yet only pay half the rent.

These roommates generally spend all their time at their S.O’s (significant other’s), or are schooling and working at the same time perhaps somewhere not so close to home. Or maybe they just don’t like you (check yourself.) These roommates often cause us to question our behaviour, and ask ourselves “Did I do something to offend them? Do I smell? Are they afraid of me? Are they fed up with me bogarting the TV when I watch Breaking Bad re-runs?”… You’re probably not guilty of any of those things. In my experience with The Ghost Roommate, they just tend to sleep at home and do everything else in another location, and it’s usually for the sake of convenience. Or… Maybe you smell.

Have you ever had The Ghost Roommate? Tag them, and maybe they’ll let you know why they are the way they are, it could be your way of telling them you want to hang out more. Or it could be a passive-aggressive tactic to out them on the world wide web. Your choice.

If you have any roommate experiences, pleasant or otherwise, let us know! We love to hear your stories, and we may feature it in our series!

Happy renting!

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