Gift Ideas That Your Friends And Family Will Actually Be Stoked On!


We’re entering a time where online shopping is not only popular, it’s beginning to be the most sensible way to get items that you really want. And in many cases, it’s the only way to get a gift for someone that they really want. It also beats getting up and wandering around shopping centers aimlessly until you finally run out of creativity and pick up a gift card.

RentMoola members receive exclusive discounts to different brands, activities and products that they love (and we’re adding to them all the time), so let’s break down where to shop based on who you’re shopping for, because we’re super helpful like that!

Let’s say you’re shopping for: Someone you love. This ranges from your best friend to your grandmother.

Canvas Pop

Canvas Pop loves to print your photos onto canvas! So that means that sweet selfie you took at that music festival, or the photograph of you and your parents on that awesome camping trip when you were little, or your nephew’s first trip to the beach. Get Canvas Pop to print that little gem of a memory onto beautiful canvas and give it as the perfect gift for any occasion. OR get one of your favourite photos printed for yourself!


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Maybe you’re shopping for your favourite coworker.

Most of us have that one special person that we work with that we share all the gossip with, if you’re a woman she’s the one you ask for Tinder advice from. If it’s a guy he’s the one you can commiserate with them if you’re both hungover on Monday morning. This person deserves a special gift, whether it’s their birthday, or their anniversary in their job. Because, let’s face it, when they’re on vacation or off sick, you miss them like crazy and work is just not the same. Giftagram is the perfect way to use the least amount of physical energy to get the perfect gift for nearly anyone at all. It’s quite simple:




Step 1. Pick a gift 

Step 2. Select a recipient (your contact is notified by text or email)

Step 3. Send! (your contact enters their preferred address and Giftagram ships it right away!)

It’ 2015, and this is how we do gifts now. Get with the times!

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Shopping for a gift for your hipster roommate?

They’re super eclectic and always seem to find a way to collect the weirdest things from an unheard of second-hand store. Now, their birthday is coming up and you want to beat them to the punch. You need to find a gift that is both thoughtful, creative, but also something they can get continuous enjoyment out of. You want Carnivore Club. Carnivore Club is the world’s first curated cured meat delivery service, which operates in both Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Each month, members receive an impressive faux-wood box filled with 4-6 handcrafted cured meats from top artisans. So sign up, plug in your address and watch the delicious meat arrive a your doorstep every month! Your roommate (and your stomach) will thank you for it!


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Need a gift idea for your parent(s)?

Those people that are nearly IMPOSSIBLE to shop for… We’ve got it covered. Cost Plus World Market offers some of the most unique household items that are so easily browsed through and purchased online, you don’t even have to pause your Netflix shows to get these gifts! This includes outdoor accessories, kitchen supplies, rugs, towels, furniture, dining room decor, pillows, linens, lighting, YOU NAME IT! We, personally, LOVE this bowl:


But there are obviously tons more items to browse through, check out their website to find the perfect gift for ma or pa (or yourself!).

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