Going Back To School On A Budget


Going back to school is a time that’s full of emotions. You’re excited that you get to see all your school friends again. But you’re also stressing about early classes, expensive tuition, ungodly amounts of homework, purchasing textbooks, and bad food in the cafeteria. Why not let RentMoola take some of that burden off your shoulders? RentMoola has partnered with several companies and services to help renters’ (which are often students) lives a little easier.

Once you’ve signed up (for free!) with RentMoola, you’re able to access a variety of products and services for huge discounts – just for being a RentMoola member! Yes, it’s that easy.

1A helpful MoolaPerk to know about, especially if you’re a student, is Campus Book Rentals. Campus Book Rentals allows students to rent their textbooks online, with an easy to use interface, and discounted prices, it’s absolutely the most comfortable way of getting textbooks for your classes. Keep in mind, these books are originally overpriced and you will likely be using them to hold up your furniture in years to come, so it doesn’t feel wise to pay full-price. CBR guarantees a quick and easy process and your money’s worth. CBR offers every title — in new or gently used condition — online. With one quick search, you’ll be ready for all your classes with the click of a mouse. RentMoola members receive a 10% discount with Campus Book Rentals, on top of their already discounted prices, you have to get your hands on this deal! To claim this MoolaPerk log in or sign up free!

2You can’t go back to school without new duds. South Moon Under offers casual clothing, swimwear and gifts for men and women. RentMoola members can receive a 20% discount when shopping online, visit South Moon Under’s website to see all their fresh new outfits for the season. To claim this MoolaPerk log in or sign up free!

635496615062291218-1Now that you’re studying, you need a drink. A delicious drink. A strong drink (or three). RentMoola has partnered with the perfect liquor provider to meet your alcoholic needs. Drizly offers a wide variety of beer, wine, liquor and spirits delivered to your front door in under an hour. Right now, book a delivery from Drizly using your MoolaPerks promo code and receive $5.00 off your purchase! To claim this MoolaPerk log in or sign up free!


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