Halloween is upon us and that means there’s only one thing on everyone’s minds: candy! Apartments aren’t always kid friendly and it may not be the best place for your children to go trick-or-treating. If you do choose to stay in your apartment you may want to speak to your neighbors to see how many people actually hand out candy. Wherever they go you want to keep your children safe. 

Speak with your neighbours

Talk to your neighbours in your building to establish whether or not they will be handing out candy or not. This lets you gage people’s attitudes towards the subject and make a plan from there. The sad reality is that many people don’t want to hand out candy when they live in an apartment. If this is the case in your building, you will have to make other plans so you can still enjoy Halloween. 

If people in your building won’t be handing out candy, you will need to make other arrangements with your children. You can plan to go trick or treating with friends if they live in a suburb, or simply go to a more heavily populated kid friendly area. Suburbs are usually the go-to for trick or treating and almost all houses participate. More houses=more candy and less walking so it’s a win-win.

Be Safe

Whether your children are trick or treating in an apartment or in a suburb, you should always supervise them in some way. If your children are young, accompany them from house to house. If you think they’re old enough to go alone, set a boundary limit and a curfew so they know when and where they can go. After they return home you should also check to see if any of their candy is suspicious or unwrapped in any way. While Halloween is all about taking candy from strangers, you still want your children to be cautious and safe. 

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