How To Have A Healthy Building For Healthy Residents


Ever notice how most of the time that people are living healthy lifestyles, they’re surrounded by an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle? For example, if your coworker tells you about their new running regime and how great it’s making them feel — wouldn’t you be more likely to follow suit? Or if your new apartment has access to a communal garden, wouldn’t you be more likely to grow your own produce?

Lately, more and more people are seeking more healthy lifestyles. Fitness routines, healthy eating habits, communal hobbies like yoga and gardening. As property managers, it would be wise to keep up with this trend. Not only does this appeal to health conscious renters, but it also creates a higher quality of life for residents and helps to retain happy renters. Here are a few steps you can take to start moving in the direction to appeal to the health and wellness of your residents.

Add Bike Storage

Whether used for biking to work or as a hobby, many residents own bikes and don’t want to have to store them in their units or outside and risk theft. Many buildings have guidelines that restrict residents from using their patios as storage, as a fire hazard and to avoid the building looking unkept from the outside. Execution of this could be as easy as turning 2 parking stalls into dedicated bike storage lanes.

Add A Community Garden

Many renters want gardens not only for more than leisure, but to grow their own food. If you have a community garden on-site, tenants can grow healthy food in plots they manage. They can mingle with neighbours and build a community within their buildings. Additionally, this means less landscape to maintain as a property manager. To increase the utility of your community garden, look for local environmental educators and farmers to partner with. You may even want to host a farmers market at your facility — bringing fresh produce directly to your renters.

Provide An On-Site Fitness Centre Or Recreation Room

If your building has a large communal space indoors for the use of the residents in the building, consider turning it into a fitness room. Even a simple weight room with some gym mats offers a convenient place for tenants to work out. Upgrade this with a few elliptical machines, treadmills or stationary bikes. If your on-site gym looks dated, add a fresh coat of paint and replace outdated equipment immediately to infuse new energy. An all-purpose room could also be used for weekly yoga sessions for the residents in the building. This builds community and introduces many residents in the neighbourhood, all while contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to include all skill levels when introducing group fitness activities as to not discriminate to new-comer’s. “Evening Candlelight Yoga For Beginners” has a lovely ring to it for residents who aren’t yoga masters, but want to be healthy and unwind at the end of a long week.

Add A Shaded Common Area Outside

If you want residents to choose whether they want sun or shade, patio umbrellas are a convenient solution that also increase curb appeal of your building. This encourages residents to mingle and share common areas in different seasons. These areas can, however, be confused for areas for smoking. Be sure to include clear and proper signage in this area instructing that it is not to be used for smoking.

If you have more ideas for how to make a building appeal to health conscious residents, leave your input in the comments below!

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