How High Tech Is Your Home?


We’ve approached a time where I actually know people who think that computer and/or robots will take over the world, it is a legitimate fear of theirs. I tend to try to stay more positive about these sort of things, like ‘hey look at this cool new thing that technology made!’… So on that note, here’s a list of all the cool new things that we can have in our homes now (and all these items are less than $200) all thanks to TECHNOLOGY!

3 Cheers for technology! Hip hip!…………


Okay here’s the list:

1. For Remote Pet Sitting


Petcube Ever come home to find last night’s garbage strewn across the kitchen floor … and a guilty look on Fido’s face? Then this pet cam—which is more interactive than your standard nanny cam—could come in handy. Not only does it allow you to see what your critters are up to while you’re away but it has a microphone, so you can say hello—or tell Fido to drop that shoe. Want to get in some playtime together during your lunch break at work? There’s a built-in, controllable laser pointer for that.

2. For Your Morning Caffeine Fix


Smarter Wi-Fi Coffee Machine Want to buy yourself a few extra minutes in bed—and have a cup of coffee waiting for you as soon as you walk into the kitchen bleary-eyed? Upon your app-based command, this machine will grind the beans and brew you a fresh cup—one at a time—so your joe is always available piping hot. Once you’ve walked back in the door after a long day at work, it will also ask if you’d like a fresh cup. How’s that for a welcome home?

3. For Healthy Household Plants


Parrot Flower Power H20 Seriously lacking a green thumb, or simply can’t find a kind neighbor to check in on your ficus while you’re on vacation? This smart sensor makes it easy to care for your plants: It will test the soil, the amount of sunlight that your plant is soaking up, and how much water it really needs—and then sends this information to you for monitoring via an app. To water a plant while you’re away, simply affix a standard screw-top bottle filled with water to the device, and the Flower Power H20 will know how much to give the plant based on its “vital signs” and what type of flora it is.

4. For Really Pearly Whites


Oral-B SmartSeries 7000 with Bluetooth Do your dentist proud with this Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush that works with an app on your phone to track your brushing habits. It not only lets you know which spots you missed, but it will time you to make sure you’re brushing for the full two minutes, and tell you if you need to ease up on your pressure. Plus, it keeps stats on your brushing behavior over time, so you can prove to your dentist that you’ve been diligent about cleaning.

5. For Top-Notch Home Security


DoorBird Ever get home to find that the package that was supposedly delivered to your front door is nowhere in sight? DoorBird might be able to solve that mystery. It’s a combo doorbell/video camera/security system that keeps tabs on who’s dropping by when you’re not around. The technology sends an alert to your smartphone whenever someone rings the bell. And the HD camera lets you speak to your visitor even if you’re not at home, and keeps a record of who’s been to your doorstep by date and time. If you already use electronic locks, you may also be able to integrate DoorBird with your system so that you can unlock the door remotely—and it even comes with an add-on indoor camera, so you can make sure everything’s O.K. once you let someone inside.

6. For a Climate-Controlled Home


Ecovent No matter how new your HVAC system is, you may still have one room in your house that’s always a sauna—while another is an icebox. Ecovent helps remedy that problem. It’s a system of smart air vents, plug-in sensors and an app that allows you to set temperatures individually by room via smartphone. Because the system can sense someone’s presence, it also knows when it doesn’t need to heat or cool a room unnecessarily—saving you on utility bills.

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