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Buying gifts for anyone is usually a challenge. Everyone has unique tastes and hobbies, so it’s hard to pin point exactly what some people might want. Hipsters take this challenge to a whole other level. Hipsters have a tendency to find the most obscure boutiques that sell that record player from the 1920’s that they’ve been searching for. Every time you’re at their home they have a new art piece hung on the wall, likely something that looks like it belongs in a 1950’s diner. So how do you buy meaningful gifts for the people who seem to always find the most unique things, on the cheap? MoolaPerks, that’s how.

MoolaPerks are deals and discounts offered to RentMoola members for all kinds of brands and services that our users love. You wanted unique and trendy Perks to shop from, so we got them for you (because we love you).

1Let’s say you’re shopping for a coffee connoisseur (let’s face it, most hipsters claim to know a lot about coffee). But you’ve done the local coffee shop gifts to death. How about something new? Beach City Coffee is a coffee subscription service that sources the best of the best coffee from around the world, selecting certified organic and fair trade beans whenever possible. They have several different subscription plans available and ship their hand roasted coffee right to your door each month. Coffee doesn’t get any fresher than this! RentMoola members can enjoy 30% off their first coffee order. To claim this perk, log in to your RentMoola account or sign up free!

3Okay, so the organic and fair trade category is checked off, which hipsters love to support (and we love them for that) so now how about some clothing that is environmentally wise? Sitka is a Victoria, B.C-based outdoor clothing and gear company that seeks to create a world in balance. The company says it’s a business of “wilderness activism” and you can see so on their website and beautiful Instagram account. Sitka has a mission to engage their communities through inspiration, conservation and the provision of purposeful goods for exploring the natural world. RentMoola members can enjoy 15% off their online order. To claim this perk, log in to your RentMoola account or sign up free!

2How about the hipster foodie’s? They’re a thing. They’re definitely a thing. They’re eclectic with their taste in food and have an issue with “chain restaurants”, so how about letting them try something like Mouth? Mouth loves Indie. Indie Food. Tasty Gifts. Foods and Spirits made by people, not companies. The best food you’ve never heard of. They’re all about offering products from the best indie makers. Helping out the little guy, which is another thing that hipsters love! RentMoola members get an exclusive 20% discount on indie food, spirits and wine. So stock up, and share the love! To claim this perk, log in to your RentMoola account or sign up free!

4Now what happens when your hipster friends have already heard of all of those items? Which they may have, because they’re awesome, and awesome things tend to get around. How about a thing that few people know exist, but runs through a name that almost everyone has heard of? The New York Times Store is the destination for discerning shoppers seeking the best in unique and historical gifts. You’re sure to find something unique and personalized, whether it’s Gifts, Photos, Fine Art, Newspaper Reprints and Sports Memorabilia – you’ll find it there. RentMoola members receive 15-20% off unique and historical gifts! To claim this perk, log in to your RentMoola account or sign up free!


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