How to Negotiate the terms of a Rental Lease


Sometimes when you are dealing with a rental lease, you may not agree with all of the terms. No landlord wants a vacant property, so it is in the best interest for both you and the landlord to come to a solution. If you’re trying to negotiate the terms of your rental lease, here are some tips.

Do your Research 

Knowing what you’re talking about can help give you the upper hand. If you know details about the price, amenities, and clauses included in other leases in the area, you can negotiate to receive similar or better treatment. Knowing what the normal in the area will really work to your benefit.

Know When to compromise

If both you and your landlord have a list of things you want, know when to budge and know when to stick your ground. If they have lowered the price from the asking and it still isn’t as low as you want, consider whether or not that is a deal breaker. Reaching a compromise with the landlord will help to build a strong landlord-tenant relationship, and that may be worth your weight in gold.

Know what You want

If you are renewing your current lease or looking to get a new place, know what you want before you negotiate. Have a clear list of things you want to discuss and review beforehand so you’re not going in blind. If you’re stuck on the rent price, make that the point you negotiate over and avoid bringing in other topics such as laundry or hydro bills.

Have a friendly approach

If you know you are unhappy with what the landlord is proposing, try and maintain a professional approach and minimize the hostility. You don’t want to get heated in the moment, because this may cost you in the long run. Maintaining a professional demeanor may make your landlord more understanding of your position and may help you reach a compromise.

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