In the summer heat, few things are better than an ice cold gin and tonic… Until now. Gin and tonic ICE CREAM!

Yes, you read that correctly. Award-winning London gin distillery Sipsmith teamed up with Jude’s ice cream in Hampshire to create an ice cream that tastes just like a cool, refreshing G&T.


Booze and ice cream have long been paired by innovative ice cream makers, but it’s hard to nail a decent flavour on account of alcohol’s freezing point being much lower than water’s… In other words, you can’t use very much liquor, or your ice cream won’t set.

The new ice cream, however, uses the botanicals of Sipsmith London Dry – juniper berries, citrus peel, liquorice root and ground almonds, among others – with tonic water and squeeze of lemon, to recreate that G&T taste in a tub. And the verdict? An intensely rich and creamy base, spiked with a subtly sour juniper tang. Mouth-watering.

The new ice cream will be on sale on on June 1, 2015. Mint chocolate chip, your reign is over. Move over for G&T!

Now, having said that. It’s time to list off some of the more strange ice cream flavours. Different strokes for different folks, right?… Right?

Anyway, here are some less popular flavours of ice cream:


One of the more conservative creations made by the Becker brothers at Max & Mina’s ice cream parlour in New York. Other flavours include smoked salmon and beer.

Coronation chicken

This flavour was designed for the Diamond Jubilee by Jacob Kenedy at Gelupo in London, who says that he “never expected it to taste so nice”. It is no longer on sale, but Gelupo has continued to branch out with ricotta, chocolate and black pepper on the menu this year.

Cow tongue

This is just one of the many flavours you can grab in the infamous Tokyo parlour Ice Cream City. Others include, salt, octopus and perhaps slightly disturbingly, raw horse flesh. A new direction for Findus, perhaps?


Created by French ice cream company Phillippe Faur, the main ingredient in this scoop is 60% white sturgeon Alverta Royal Petrossian Caviar. They also, of course, do a Foie Gras cone. At over $140 a tub, it’s not one to leave lying in the sun.

Breast milk

Notorious for ice cream related controversy (as if this list proves there wasn’t enough of it already), Covent Garden’s ‘The Icecreamists’ shop was established to do for frozen deserts “what the Sex Pistols did for music”, according to founder Matt O’Connor. He created the flavour ‘Baby GooGoo’ in 2011, made from pure breast milk and sold for roughly $20 a serving.


This flavour is popular around Mexico and while spice and ice doesn’t seem like a natural mix, it’s supposed to be delicious.

Next, to stay on the delicious topic of ice cream, we’ll be sharing recipes for homemade ice cream with all sorts of delicious flavours to make for yourself! Stay tuned for that!

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