How To Impress Your Tinder Date With MoolaPerks (Vancouver)


These days, the dating game is moving at almost light speed. With dating apps coming out of our ears, we’re meeting people at an alarming rate. It’s especially alarming for our bank accounts. But RentMoola has your back, because we’ve put together a list of MoolaPerks that you can use to impress your date and save some serious money on your perhaps not-so-serious Tinder date.


1. Chivalry is not dead. Show up with a bouquet from 1-800-FLOWERS and sweep them off their feet before you have the chance to blow it with a lame joke.


2. Do something FUN. The whole dinner and a movie thing is fine, but it’s been done to death. Take your fling to Vancouver Water Adventures and save 20% on your rental of kayaks, seadoos, paddleboards, or fly boards.


3. Try something different. Take your date out for dinner to a place you probably didn’t even knew existed! This isn’t your run-of-the-mill restaurant that forces you to sit awkwardly while you wait for your food to arrive, this is One Under. Step outside your comfort zone and enjoy a delicious meal and choose from a great selection of craft beer… while golfing! Use your MoolaPerks and get 15% off your meal!


4. Don’t be a slob. Well, you can be a slob, but don’t let your date know about it. Yes, this is totally presumptuous that your date would come home with you, but let’s just stay optimistic. Before your date comes by to see your place, make an appointment with Handy for 1 hour of FREE cleaning using your MoolaPerks!


5. Pretend to be cultured. Wine Collective is a wonderful service that delivers wine from around the world, right to your front door! Their professional staff sample different wines and send you the cream of the crop. No need to mention to your date that you aren’t a wine aficionado who did all the grunt work to find that perfect bottle of wine. Use your MoolaPerks and get $20 off your wine subscription!

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