How To Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Building

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The curb appeal of your building is very important. The outside and the surrounding area is what people will see and it is what people will notice first. If you drive past your building and aren’t drawn to it, then you can’t expect that prospective tenants will be either. Here are some things you can do to improve the curb appeal of your building and help attract new tenants.


The entrance of your building will often be the focal point for people passing by. Check to make sure that the hardware on the door is working and up to date, and update it if it is not. Another thing to determine is how well the doors work and whether or not they need to repainted or replaced.  Ensure your property is looking its best and you will greatly improve curb appeal.


Having sufficient outdoor lighting will be something that prospective tenants will look for. If you feel that you don’t have the proper lighting outside your building, take the time to add it. Motion detection lights are a nice feature that will make your tenants feel safer.

Flowers and Garden

Make your building fresh and inviting by adding some flowers! Some flowers and shrubbery can greatly impact the way your building looks from the outside. The only thing to consider when adding flowers is that you choose relatively low-maintenance flowers that don’t require a lot of gardening work or upkeep. Sprucing up your building and making it more lively will benefit you long term and help gain new tenants.

Grass and Weeds

Make an effort to keep your lawn and surrounding areas of your property freshly cut and manicured. If you don’t properly maintain your lawn, prospective tenants will assume that you don’t care about your property and won’t be enticed to rent there. You want the state of the outside of your building to reflect the interior.

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