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Ever been completely surprised by a city? Ever been overwhelmed with options of things to do, places to eat, drink, bars, clubs, etc. etc.? That’s Toronto. You’ve probably heard from plenty of expats that it’s a “cool city”, but you should really see for yourself. How about this for a statement, Toronto has been rumoured to be “a cleaner version of New York City”, admittedly, Toronto is a lot smaller than NYC.

Here’s a fun fact, Toronto is so full of people from all over the world that Torontonians all together speak over 140 different languages. Over 50% of Toronto’s residents weren’t even born in Canada, making it extremely diverse and wonderfully cultured. Not convinced yet? Here’s a detailed list of some of the most tempting places to visit in Toronto, listen up…

Queen Street West is undoubtedly one of the most hip and trendy areas in Toronto today. TheTrinity Bellwoods Park seems to be the hub of summertime activity for the neighborhood. Though Queen Street West was once more bohemian, gentrification has caused rents to go up but it’s still full of hipstery cafes, bakeries and restaurants.

On a side street just off Queen Street West is Graffiti Alley—Toronto’s only public space where graffiti is legal. You can even take a tour of Toronto’s graffiti scene which will give you more insider tips on the scene.

For art lovers, the Art Gallery of Ontario is one of Canada’s most prominent art museums. Bonus: it was designed by Frank Gehry!

Maybe because Toronto is so close to NYC, the city is one of Canada’s most fashion-savvy. There’s an entire museum dedicated to shoes!

If you’re looking for an awesome photo opportunity, shell out the big bucks and do the EdgeWalk at the CN Tower. It’s the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere (that’s HALF OF THE WORLD). Perhaps because Canadians are just so adventurous (or they have a strong desire to try to cheat death) they’ll let you walk around the tower at 116 floors up…with little more than a rope keeping you attached to the building.

Get lost in Toronto’s Chinatown. You can find just about any fruit or vegetable at the fresh market stands, but tuck in between them and you’ll find the city’s best Chinese restaurants. Come for Dim Sum if you can!

Toronto, being one of Canada’s many epicenters of culture, is home to one of the world’s most important film festivals—lovingly abbreviated as the TIFF. TheToronto International Film Festival lasts 10 days and celebrates some of the best films and documentaries from around the world. They’ve got quite a reputation for selecting quality movies which end up as blockbusters or critical hits.

Toronto’s Distillery district is home to art galleries, restaurants and beer gardens. The brick-lined streets are reminiscent of Victorian times, but hey, this is the now. You could do a Segway tour in the Distillery neighborhood, or you could pound back some beers. You decide.

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