We’re Launching Our SnapChat!


We’re excited to announce that we’re launching our SnapChat account tomorrow! In honour of this special occasion, we wanted to share our favourite accounts with you. Hopefully we’ll make it on to your list of SnapChats to follow in the days to come! Stay tuned and add us to get to know RentMoola!



Hoosuite – @hootsuite

If you love social media, hootsuite is the company to follow. They give you a glimpse into the company’s culture, as well as useful tips for social media strategy, we love it!



Taco Bell – @tacobell

Taco Bell’s Cinco de May lens broke the record on SnapChat, with over 224 MILLION views. That’s more than Gatorade’s Super Bowl Campaign, which had over 165 Million views. Foodies, rejoice! Besides that, Taco Bell has won us over with it’s great content overall.


Art & Design

LACMA – @lacma

If you love art and you love funny Snaps, you’ll love LACMA’s SnapChat account. Pairing artwork with popular song lyrics, LACMA has hands down nailed SnapChat stories.



TopShop – @topshop_snaps

We love TopShop here at RM. Get a look behind the scenes of this fashion giant, from the runway to fashion events, TopShop’s SnapChat is the go-to to keep you in the loop about the latest trends in fashion.



Google – @google

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at Google? Add them on SnapChat to get exclusive snaps inside the Googleplex.



Apple Music – @applemusic

What better way to discover new music than follow one of the world’s leading music streaming service? Join Apple on a musical journey through their snaps.



Marriott Hotels – @marriotthotels

From travel tips to destination shots, Marriott Hotels Snaps are really great for those of you who love to travel.



Forbes – @forbes

Watch interesting business people take over Forbes SnapChat and get to know the finance, investing, marking and industry world a little better.


Pop Culture

Ellen Degeneres – @ellen

Because, who doesn’t love Ellen? Get a look behind the scenes on the Ellen Degeneres Show and keep up to date with your popular culture.



Jus Reign – @jusreign

Jus Reign is a Canadian comedian who’s hilarious parodies and videos have propelled him into internet stardom. He has one of the largest followings on SnapChat, with good reason: he’s HILARIOUS. A must follow for those of you who haven’t yet.



RentMoola – @rentmoola

Last but not least, follow us to get a glimpse into the RentMoola start-up world. We’ll give you a glimpse into a day in the life at RentMoola, as well as fun videos, tips about the rental world and more. We’re excited to get Snap Happy and start sharing our story with you!

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