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First of all, we want to give big thanks to the 10,000+ who entered our previous giveaway to win 3 months rent!

And congratulations to our WINNER Katherine Fairley! Enjoy your 3 months paid rent!

Do you still want to know what it’s like to live rent-free? RentMoola is giving away another month of FREE rent!

That’s right, we’re giving you all a chance to win $1,500 cash! Because you, my friend, are an important part of the RentMoola community.

Now ask yourself, what would you do with an entire months rent in your pocket?


Live Rent Free Blog Post-5

Would you go on an adventure?

Live Rent Free Blog Post-4

Or go to a show?

Live Rent Free Blog Post-7

Would you sneak away to an island?

Live Rent Free Blog Post-6

And not let anyone know?

Live Rent Free Blog Post-2

Would you visit your home?

Live Rent Free Blog Post-9

Or cop a new phone?

Live Rent Free Blog Post-8

Or perhaps you would just pay back that loan.

Live Rent Free Blog Post-3

Whatever the case, RentMoola is here.

Live Rent Free Blog Post-10

To pay for your rent, and you’ll be in the clear.

Enter to win 1 months of rent on us HERE, and find out what it feels like to live rent-free!

Emily Stewart

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Emily is the Marketing and Communications Coordinator at RentMoola. She's a reader, skier, and self-proclaimed Beyonce superfan.

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