Living Alone? Here are Some Tips


Living alone can be a great way to ensure that your apartment is kept the way you want it, and a way to be independent. While it can be extremely satisfying to come home and have the place to yourself, living alone can become scary and logistically difficult at times. Here are some helpful tips if you live alone.

Add some security

When looking for apartments take notice of any security features of the apartments you tour. If the apartment building is equipped with extra protection like fob entry, cameras or security guards, you have an increased sense of security. If your apartment building doesn’t include any of these features, you can always retrofit your apartment to feel safer. Our Smart Home blog post includes some gadgets to help you feel safer.

Develop a Routine

Depending on your habits, you may not be compelled to keep your home that clean since you are the only one living there, or on the other hand, you may rejoice in the fact that you’re not sharing your living space with anyone that can make it messy. Whatever your cleaning habits are, creating a routine will give you consistency. Choose one day a week that you will complete all of your chores around the house and stick to it as best you can.

Grocery Shop Accordingly

Shopping for one person can be a lot harder than shopping for multiple people. It can be tough to shop for one because things tend to go bad quickly. The key is to make a mental plan of the meals you will be eating that week and shop accordingly. If you know what you’ll be eating for the week, it’s easier to reuse leftovers rather than throw them out. Check out our meals for one blog post for some recipe inspiration.

Stock up on essentials

When you don’t have any roommates, you don’t have anyone else to rely on in an emergency. Whatever the issue, stock up on candles, bottled water, food, a first aid kit,  and other essentials so you’re prepared for any situation. Also, make sure you have the non-emergent items like cleaning supplies or a plunger. Having all of these items on hand increases your independence and lets you rest easy knowing that you are ready for any situation.

Maintain friendships

When you live with your friend, you’re forced to see them every day. It can be tempting to stay in when you live alone but you should make a point of setting aside time for your friends. When you have roommates, this happens naturally but you will now have to make an active effort to spend time with the people close to you.

When you live alone you’re solely responsible for rent which means there’s no one to remind you. With RentMoola, you can pay your rent online and set up automatic recurring payments. Find out how to make paying rent rewarding here.

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