Why We Love Texas (And You Should, Too!)


Have ya’ll ever wondered what the big deal was about Texas? What are the reasons why people, who are from Texas (and those who aren’t) talk as if Texas was a gift from above? Here’s why:


The Salt Lick

The smoke of The Salt Lick in Driftwood reaches into myth and matrimony. People don’t just drive to The Salt Lick; they go there on pilgrimages, to storm the gates and leave no (edible) survivors. It’s a culinary journey. A barbecue mission, not to be taken lightly.


High School Football

It’s everything that the movies play it out to be. Spotting Friday night light sin the sea of a dark prairie, you have to stop, buy PTA Fritos pie at the concession stand, and watch life in the first quarter.


Fritos Pie

The late writer Jerry Flemmons called Fritos pie the real fall color of Texas, with its amber and umber of cheese, chili and chips. Add blue and red.


Iced Tea

Clayton Christopher, a Beaumont native, makes his “Mimi’s” Sweet Leaf Tea with cane sugar and tea leaves


Biscuits, Cornbread, Kolackies or Tortillas

Our African, European, Hispanic, Southern and Western cultures are kneaded, patted, and baked into their breads. Early mornings in South Texas cities such as Harlingen, Brownsville, McAllen and San Benito taste of pan dulce, cuernitos and molletes.


Round Rock Donuts

Rush hour in Round Rock begins at 4AM because of these famous doughnuts and other pastries. If that doesn’t convince you they’re good, well, I don’t know what will.


Skyline Drive

Wait for nightfall, drive up to road’s end at Davis Mountains State Park, sit in the dark and reach for millions of stars. Then run your fingers along the hood of your car. Stardust!


Willie Nelson

I think of him sitting crossed legged on a high hill, but since there aren’t any hills around his hometown of Abbot, I just think of him as high. 



African Americans started this celebration on June 19, 1865, the day that word came to Galveston that slaves were free. It’s our third independence day in Texas, after March 2 and July 4. Political correctness almost killed Juneteenth in the 1960s, but it thrives again.


Big Bend National Park

Another reason to visit the high, chiseled beauty of the Big Bend is to spend a night at Marathon’s Gage Hotel.


South by Southwest 

Only Austin offers just the right temperament (and in March, the right temperature) to stage the world’s hottest new music.


Chicken. Fried. Steak.

Grady Spears’s epicurean quest to make chicken-fried steak a global food has spurred cowboy cooking from chuckwagon to downtown dining.


Got more reasons to love Texas? Leave your comments below! We love ’em!

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