Make The Most of Black Friday


You have less than 24 hours to prepare yourself for the mayhem that is Black Friday. We all want in on the best deals, which can be found everywhere. But how, exactly, do you navigate them? Here are our tips on how to make the best of Black Friday.


Go Online

This one’s easy. No one wants to wait in line, or deal with the chaos of shopping centres and retail stores. Stick with online sales to avoid the headache. Check out’s App that’ll help you make the most of online deals.


Do Your Research

Know what you want, and where you can find it. We’d recommend making a list of all the things you want and 3 online retailers you can buy it from. List the things you want in order of most wanted to least wanted, and the 3 online retailers in order from best sale to worst. is a great site to help you compare prices.

Here’s a stat on how most American’s find their Black Friday Deals (hint, mostly online!)


If You Must Go Outside…

Check online for coupons that can be used in-store. If you’re planning on venturing out into the chaos of Black Friday, sign up to receive email newsletters from the stores you’re planning to shop at. Doing so can lead to extra savings!


Make a Plan

Make sure you know the hours of each of the stores you plan on going to and what kind of deals they’re having. Then, prioritize. Plot the stores you want to go to (and when) by using a map of the mall or street you’re visiting. Most malls have their maps online, which are easy to print out and use while you’re there. Also, be sure to strategically park your car near the first shop you want to go to.


Use Your Credit Card

Using the right card can benefit you on your Black Friday shopping deals. Many credit cards offer extended free warranties, return protection and sale protection if you use them to purchase items. Also, just like paying your rent with your credit card, why not get some cash back or travel rewards while you’re at it?


Check Our Our MoolaPerks

Don’t forget to check out our MoolaPerks. We’re basically Black Friday all year ‘round, but have some special deals this weekend that’ll be sure to make your online shopping a success. From clothes to home décor, our MoolaPerks will help you save without compromising on quality. We’ve partnered up with brands like Uber, All Saints, Mod Cloth, Clearly and more to give you the best deals out there.

Happy Shopping everyone!

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