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Ensuring that your property management company stands out against the competition is essential to your company’s growth. Marketing yourself effectively will help increase your profit and visibility without increasing your stress. Determining your competitive advantage and emphasizing it is the key to growing as a business. We’ve come up with a list of ways you can leverage your property management company and attract new tenants.

Have an edge

You need to determine what you’re offering that sets you apart from your competition. Leveraging that edge over other PM companies will be crucial in marketing and advertising. Knowing what sets you apart and sticking to that will really differentiate your property management company. 

Know your market

Determine what markets you want to enter and develop clear marketing strategies that will entice your desired tenants. Fousing your attention on a particular market will help you develop and grow your business. Each market is different, and knowing your market may seem like very basic advice but it is often overlooked. Really understanding the needs and lifestyles of your tenants will help your PM company to stand out, but it will also help you to better serve your tenants. 

Continue to upgrade

Having tenants that are happy and renewing their leases is the goal, but you should never stop trying to improve once you have achieved this. Continue to make improvements to your services and to your buildings. Emphasizing customer satisfaction will help strengthen your reputation in the community as a property manager that really cares about their buildings as well as their tenants. 

Promote sustainability

Marketing your property management company as sustainable will give your properties an extra feature and will attract health-conscious tenants. Making your building sustainable will also increase the long-term value of the property. Implementing recycling or composting programs in your buildings is another tactic to make your PM company sustainable. Ensuring that any gaps in windows or doors are sealed will reduce energy costs which will please you and your tenants. Here are other ways you can make your home more energy-efficient.

Prioritize convenience

Your goal should be to make things easy for your tenants. Offering online applications and maintenance requests will make things more convenient for both parties. Be consistent and timely when responding to tenant questions or maintenance requests. Speed of service might be what sets you apart from your competition. Cataloging your properties and listings on your website is also great because prospective tenants will know what to expect before a viewing.

Utilize social media

There is a multitude of things that you can use to leverage yourself as a property manager and stand above the crowd. Having a strong social media presence will entice future tenants and please current ones. Here are some ways you can connect with tenants online. Make sure your website is up to date with methods to contact you. While you don’t want your tenants to abuse your lines of contact, you do want to make yourself accessible in case of emergency.

Emphasizing how you differentiate from the competition will be the best way to make your property management company stand out. Refining your current practices, and implementing some new ones will positively impact your growth.  Another way to make your property management stand out is to offer online payments. Head to to find out more.

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