6 Tips to Make Your Small Apartment Feel Bigger


It’s easy to feel cramped when you’re living in a small apartment. The most obvious solution is to win the lottery and move to a luxury apartment; however, that isn’t always realistic no matter how much we dream. Here are some simple ways to make your small apartment feel bigger.

Colour Counts

Paint colour can dramatically influence the illusion of space. While dark colours might seem more interesting, lighter hues will open up the room. White and off white shades will also brighten your room and make it more inviting. If you want more help with paint colours, check out our guide here.

Mirror Mirror

Adding mirrors to any room will add more light and create the illusion of depth. The light will bounce off of the mirrors to make the room brighter at any point of the day. Another great tip is to angle your mirrors towards the room’s focal point to maximize depth and brightness. 

Show some leg

Exposing the legs to your furniture will make the pieces seem less bulky. Sofas with enclosed logs that are close to the floor will only make the room feel crowded. Pieces that are slightly elevated from the ground will also make the space appear bigger as you can see through and past them.

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

As many people are finding themselves living in smaller spaces, more furniture is being created with the intention of being used for more than one purpose. Multipurpose furniture is beneficial because it can act as much needed storage while still being aesthetically pleasing. That new ottoman can also be used for storage.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling

The ceiling may not be what you’re focussed on in a room, but painting the ceiling or adding wallpaper will help make the room feel larger. A funky wallpaper will force your eye upwards and may make the ceiling appear higher than it really is. Painting your ceiling the same colour as the walls, or slightly lighter if the walls are dark will also make the room more spacious. This eliminates an obvious line of where the ceiling starts and the walls end.

Window Coverings

If you decide to hang curtains, hang them 4-5 inches above the window frame. This will make your windows, and your walls appear longer. If you decide you want to make the space more open, you can opt out of curtains and replace them with shutters or nothing at all.

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