5 Ways to Make A Small Kitchen Feel Larger

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A recurring theme in many apartments is small kitchens. This lack of space leaves many kitchens feeling cluttered and cramped. When dealing with small apartments there are a number of things that you can do to make a space feel larger.  Here are 5 ways to make a small kitchen feel larger.

Pot rack

Hanging a pot rack from your ceiling will help to free up space on your shelves and in your cupboards. If you do not want to hang your pots, you can include a series of “S” hooks in the kitchen to hang spoons and other things.

Add Shelving

When dealing with a small kitchen, you can maximize space by increasing the number of shelves. Shelving units can pull the eye up to the ceiling and help to make the ceilings seem higher. Another tip is adding more shelves to your cabinets.


One way to make the illusion of space is to make the room bright and spacious by painting the walls a light color. A small kitchen with white walls will appear larger as the paint will help to reflect light.

Cabinet Doors 

Another way to increase the space in the kitchen is to replace the center of the cabinet doors with glass. With the glass middle, you can see into the cabinets and create depth. This will be especially successful if the cabinets are kept clean and clutter is kept to a minimum.

Magnetic Strips

Like the “S” hooks, magnetic strips can be placed on the walls to free up some drawer space. These strips are perfect for you to place knives and other pieces of metal on. The hanging knives are a nice minimalist touch to add to the kitchen.

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