5 ways to make your tenants love you


Have you ever wondered what you can do for your tenants to get them to love you? Landlord-tenant relationships are stereotyped as being rocky, but this doesn’t need to be the case. Doing a few simple things for your tenants can really strengthen the relationship and ensure that they’ll continue to renew their leases.  To give you some inspiration we’ve come up with 5 things you can do to make your tenants love you.

  1. Connect with them.
    It’s 2017, and as we already determined your tenants are pretty techie. Tenants want to be able to reach you on various platforms should they have a problem. Sending out newsletters can be a great way to keep your tenants up-to-date on events taking place locally or in the building. You can click here if you want more tips on how to connect with your tenants.
  2. Listen to them.
    A landlord-tenant relationship is similar to any other relationship you’re in, and at the end of the day, everyone wants to have a voice.  If tenants are complaining about a lack of parking or noisy neighbours, make sure they know they’re being heard. You don’t want to risk losing your good tenants because you won’t deal with your bad ones. Listening to what your tenants want will show them that you’re interested in their needs and not just your own.
  3. Be on time.
    Being punctual is very important. If you’ve set a meeting with prospective tenants you should be on time, or even better 5 minutes early. If you’re going into an apartment for maintenance you should be on time so your tenants aren’t waiting for you. Making an effort to work around your tenant’s schedule will show that you’re accommodating and they’ll surely appreciate it. Being on time makes you seem professional and considerate, and your tenants will love that.
  4. Show them you care.
    Show your tenants that you care about them with little gestures like small gift cards to local coffee shops or cards on holidays. Canva is a great free website that lets you design your own cards. Showing that you care doesn’t need to cost you anything. Simply reaching out to your tenants and asking how things are going will go the extra mile. This lets you find out what you’re doing well but also lets you know if there are any problems before they get too big.
  5. Keep it safe.
    Ensuring your building is safe will keep your current tenants happy and help you appeal to future tenants. Frequently checking building entrances and exits to make sure they close or lock properly is a good practice. Adding extra locks or security cameras on entrances are other ways you can make the building safer.  Alert your tenants to when you are adding security features because this lets them know that you are taking steps to keep the building secure. 

Doing a few simple things can go a long way with your tenants. If you want to make them love you even more, you can offer online rent payments! Head to to find out more.

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