The Many Faces of Roommates: The D.I.Y. Artist


Next up in our series of The Many Faces of Roommates, we would like to introduce you to The D.I.Y Artist.

We have all had a wide variety of roommates in our lives, I’m sure. And this particular roommate that we’re highlighting is definitely not a new one, though it had garnered a new name as of late (thanks, Pinterest). This person is sort of a carpenter, sort of a crafter, and sort of a tinker-er – but these days, they’re mostly a Pinterest-er. They browse Pinterest searching for the most unique and “cute new ways” to decorate their home with “easy DIY projects!”

The crafts that they make are generally things like pieces of string draped across a wall to hold polaroid pictures on with clothes pins, or a piece of a coat rack turned into a necklace holder. Or cute little mason jars covered in paint to hold their candles. They may have also made the candles.

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