The Many Faces of Roommates: The Fitness Fanatic


Okay, let’s get this started on a disclaimer: Going to the gym is a healthy hobby, we know that, but we also have a sense of humor! So here we go…

Introducing the well-known roommate for most of us, The Fitness Fanatic! This roommate has a tendency to leave a bit of a musk everywhere they go, usually due to the fact that their clothes are almost constantly saturated in their own sweat. This sweat sometimes makes its way onto the furniture.

This person also enjoys rubbing it in everyone’s face that they eat healthy, and want you to do it too. “Oh, do you know how many carbohydrates are in that?” is something that they think will encourage you to live the active, healthy lifestyle that they do. When, in fact, it discourages us, and makes us write these passive-aggressive blog posts… I digress…

If you live with this health nut, go ahead and tag them. Show them that their active and healthy lifestyle has not, and will not go unnoticed! Because gym selfies sometimes just don’t get all the attention they so deserve.

Happy renting!

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