The Many Faces of Roommates: The “Friendly” Roommate


Carrying on in our series of Many Faces of Roommates, we give you The “Friendly” Roommate.

Have you ever been “sexiled”? In other words, have you ever been too uncomfortable to be in your own room or apartment? Then you know what it’s like to have The “Friendly” Roommate. The “Friendly” Roommate is known for repeatedly waking you up through the night with their “activities”, and it’s not only annoying, but it’s extremely uncomfortable.

Not only is it uncomfortable in the midst of “activities”, but you have the terrible and awkward conversation to look forward to when you finally get the courage to confront your roommate.

Here’s some tips if you’re living with The “Friendly” Roommate:

1. If you come home and become aware that you can’t be there, go for a walk. Unfortunately, you never know for sure when it’s safe to reenter, but the good part is that this gives you an opportunity to go run those errands that you kept putting off. Got pictures that need hanging? Pop out to the grocery store and grab some nails. Running low of laundry detergent? Go buy some more.

2. Invest in some heavy duty headphones. Whether you’re watching Netflix in bed, or listening to music while you fold laundry. You’re going to need some decent watts to fully drown out any unwanted noises.

3. Just have the talk, or leave the note. We’re all adults, we can all have adult conversations, right?… Anyway, here’s a good example:



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