The Many Faces of Roommates: The Hermit

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Moving right along in our series of The Many Faces of Roommates, we would like to introduce you to The Hermit. Typically found in their bedroom, which could also classify as their shell, this roommate is one that just doesn’t really go places very often.

You wake up, they’re there. You come home (between classes), they’re there. At the end of the day, you get home, surprise surprise – they’re still there. In all honestly, you don’t think your roommate ever leaves the room. Can’t a person get a little privacy every now and then? And seriously, how are they passing their classes if they never, ever go? Though they’re in your space more often than you may like – they are quiet, they pay their rent on time, and if you ever have a repair person who needs you to be home at a certain time of the day, you know you can count on your roommate — so cheers to them!

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