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Frank and Oak: 10% off every purchase

Frank and Oak is an online clothing shop for men who want to look sharp every day of the week. Frank and Oak has come up with an inventive approach to integrate design and technology – all for the purpose of helping men buy the clothes and accessories they crave at reasonable prices. They have put themselves in a position to ensure quality at every touch point. Login now or sign up free to claim this MoolaPerk.

Indochino: 15% off online custom made suit orders

Indochino provides custom clothing for the modern man. They are innovating the way men dress. You can shop shirts, suits, chinos, outerwear & accessories on their website, and now RentMoola users have access to receive 15% off your custom fit suit purchase. Once you’ve created your measurement profile (which is incredibly quick and easy, and all done online), you can browse their wide variety of high quality, custom-made suits and after a few clicks, you’re done! Login now or sign up free to claim this MoolaPerk.

Sitka: 15% off every purchase

Sitka is a Victoria, B.C-based outdoor clothing and gear company that seeks to create a world in balance. The company says it’s a business of “wilderness activism” and you can see so on their website and beautiful Instagram account. Sitka has a mission to engage their communities through inspiration, conservation and the provision of purposeful goods for exploring the natural world. Login now or sign up free to claim this MoolaPerk.

HealthSnap: 20% off all drugstore products

HealthSnap is a 100% Canadian online retail site based out of Toronto, Ontario. HealthSnap sells thousands of products that fall into a number of different categories including: Baby & Mom, Beauty & Skin Care, Diet & Fitness, Household, Medicine, Personal Care, Sexual Wellness, and Vitamins & Supplements. Login now or sign up free to claim this MoolaPerk. Login now or sign up free to claim this MoolaPerk.

Blue & Cream: 15% off designer brand fashion

Blue & Cream is a Hamptons based multi-label Mens & Womens retail clothing store. Since opening it’s first retail door in Spring 2004, B&C has built a devoted customer base and garnered massive media attention for it’s unique product mix, shopping experience, and celebrity clientele. B&C is the brainchild of entertainment marketer Jeffrey Goldstein who defined the B&C lifestyle by appealing to the Hamptonite’s Jet-set existence. Leveraging an extensive public relations, entertainment, and communications network, Jeffrey has captured a niche in the highly competitive retail market. Today, B&C is a lifestyle brand that transcends the 3 retail stores it is currently operating. In addition to the primary business of operating retail stores, the B&C Company has expanded into private label design of exclusive B&C T-Shirts, Dress Shirts, and Denim.  Login now or sign up free to claim this MoolaPerk.

The Neighbourhood Project: 20% off local Toronto apparel

Sure to hit any typography lover square in the brainstem, the taupe-on-black tees immortalize Toronto neighbourhoods in the form of type-based logos. Scarborough gets a roller disco-inspired font, The Beaches gets slab type worthy of a vintage postcard, and Chinatown is rendered in a sloping, modern typeface that evokes late-night neon signs. Login now or sign up free to claim this MoolaPerk.

Le Chateau: 10% off clothing & more

Le Château designs men’s and women’s clothing, footwear and accessories. Shopping on Le Chateau’s website has never been easier. They have a seamless, smooth and user-friendly experience from viewing to checkout. And right now, RentMoola members can save 10% site wide on women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, jewelry and more! Login now or sign up free to claim this MoolaPerk.



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