Your Moving Out Cleaning Checklist


Moving is a big life change and it can be stressful if you aren’t organized. Before you move, you will want to clean out your entire apartment in order to get your whole security deposit back. Depending on where you live, this deposit can be quite a lot of money so you’ll probably want it back in its entirety. It is in both you and your landlord’s best interest for you to have the deposit back, as this means you’re leaving the apartment in a clean state. To help you clean your apartment out, here is a moving out cleaning checklist.


Cleaning out the fridge and all the cabinets should be your first step. You should wipe down all of your cabinets as well. Your stove may have taken a bit of a beating so you should do a deep clean before you move out. Clean the faucet and all other fixtures in the kitchen so they are shiny and looking their best. If you’re being extra clean, you can push out all the appliances and clean behind them.


If you have really decorated your room then make sure everything you added to the room is removed. This could include blinds or drapes, shelving, and any hooks on the walls. If you did hang things on your walls that have now caused holes or chips, be sure to patch them up before you leave. Your landlord could ding you on this and you will be forced to pay.


You will want to scrub your bathtub in order to remove any soap scum from the tiles. You should also pay attention to the floor, the mirror, the cabinets, and the toilet.

It may seem like a lot of work, but all this work will pay off (literally). Even after you move you’ll still want to get the most out of your rent payments and earn points on your favorite rewards credit card. Click here for more.

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