Why You Need to Build Strong Relationships With Your Tenants


Building strong relationships with tenants can be the difference between having a high turnover and having your good tenants renewing their leases. A good landlord tenant relationship is dependent on both parties’ actions, but being proactive landlord will certainly help build strong relationships with your tenants. Here are some things you can do to retain your top tenants.

Make a Good First Impressions

In order to have a strong relationship with your tenants, you want to start off on a good note. Making a good first impression will set the tone of the entire relationship, and it is in your best interest for their first impression to be positive. After your tenants move in, check with them to make sure everything is running smoothly and they have everything they need. This extra step shows that you care about your tenants. Like any relationship, respect goes a long way. While this is still a business relationship and you don’t need to be friends with your tenants, both parties should respect each other.

Be Timely 

If a problem arises for one of your tenants, you should ensure that you take it seriously and address it as soon as possible. Responding in a timely manner will not only fix the problem and make your tenants happy, but it also stops the problem from getting bigger and causing more damage. The way in which landlords handle maintanence requests can make or break the relationship. Tenants praise the landlords who are quick to help them with their problems and become easily frustrated when it takes a landlord three days to fix a toilet.

Be Open to Compromise 

A good landlord is willing to make compromises with their tenants when it is in the best interest of the apartment. If your tenants want to upgrade the apartment in some way you can offer to pay for the upgrades they are looking to make. Giving your tenants permission to paint the walls will help the room feel like home and your tenants will be more likely to renew their leases in a place that feels like home.

Provide Your Tenants with Options

Providing various options on how to pay rent will make you very popular with your tenants. Offering your tenants the option to pay their rent online means you save time processing and depositing rent checks and they can earn rewards points on their rent payments. Head to RentMoola to find out how we make life easier for property managers.

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