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RentMoola is constantly on the hunt for awesome new brands to partner with to get RentMoola users discounts for the things they love! Most recently, RentMoola has happily partnered with Wearhaus so that RentMoola users can enjoy 10% off Bluetooth headphones.

The Wearhaus Arc is the world’s first Bluetooth headphone that lets you wirelessly sync up music with multiple people around you.


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Wearhaus Arc is highly customizable and delivers top-quality sound, perfect for personal use or sharing with the people around you. Wearhaus Arc can be enjoyed by up to six people at a time, with a range of 100 feet outdoors and 65 feet indoors. Though theoretically Arc can support unlimited listeners, Wearhaus is constantly working to test and increase the maximum range and number of connections, and will push firmware improvement to these even after they ship the product!

To learn about how you can take advantage of this MoolaPerk, go to our MoolaPerks page and login, or sign up free to learn more!

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