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RentMoola is always looking for the best brands to partner with that RentMoola users love. And WineCollective is no exception. Right now, RentMoola users can enjoy $20 off wine subscriptions!


There are thousands of wines available in the Canadian market from around the world on any given day. How do you choose what to try next? WineCollective was tired of rolling the dice at the liquor store, so they do all the hard work for you. WineCollective tries hundreds of wines each and every month, ranging form the weekday pizza wine to the exotic cellar candidate. It may sound like fun to try all that wine (which it probably is), but it’s serious work. They pick the best wines for their wine club members.

WineCollective seeks out the best wines available within the Alberta liquor wholesale market and once the wines have been tasted, rated, reviewed and selected by their professional staff, they work with their retail store to fulfill all the monthly orders and gifts. They do all the work and you reap all the benefits. A professionally curated selection of wine that just shows up every month!

WineCollective strives to broaden the palates of members through the delivery of unique global wines. They provide a rich wine experience package containing in-depth tasting notes of each wine along with background information, food pairing and tips on wine tasting techniques and etiquette. WineCollective itself strives to be on the cutting edge of wine related education and expanding the palate of people like you.

WineCollective feature wines from all corners of the world, and is ideal for busy people who want to build a cellar but don’t have the time to shop around and create one.


Enjoy your wine? Buy more!

WineCollective members get access to their online store which allows you to purchase more of your favourites (at a discount) or even sample wines that you didn’t receive. You need to be a WineCollective member to access this exclusive store. They ship your store orders weekly, so no need to wait until your next month’s delivery, making it even easier to secure the best of the best wines.

WineCollective provides you with many exclusive wine selections which aren’t available through retail store channels. Many wines we feature are only available through WineCollective or at restaurants at 3x the price!



Our packages are delivered in discreet packaging and prices include shipping. Additional charges may apply to rural areas and may vary by location. Also, there may be additional taxes which are applied by your regional liquor board.


Makes a great gift!

WineCollective packages are the perfect personal or corporate gift. A recurring gift is far superior to the “I went to the liquor store and bought a random bottle of wine” gift which we have all received in the past. WineCollective gift packages come with a personalized gift message sent directly to the gift-receiver (via email). You choose how many months you’d like to gift.

WineCollective is the only monthly wine club which means that you can always give a timely gift of an educational wine experience!


Try new and unique wines!

Every month WineCollective sends you unique and amazing wines. All wines have been previously tested and rated. We don’t just randomly grab wines off the shelf. These are wines which are proven to be delicious. WineCollective also likes to expand your palette by sending wines you may not have previously sampled. This way you get a unique perspective and try something new!


Sign up yourself, or buy a gift!

WineCollective provides several choices in your wine club experience varying from type, quantity and price. You don’t actually pick any of the wines you yourself, that’s their job. Trust WineCollective to pick a variety of wines for you every month. You’ll never receive a bottle of wine that isn’t of top quality, ever.

They love wine, and want to share the best wine experience possible. They showcase wines that pair with pizza all the way to cellar candidate wines to enjoy on special occasions.

To learn about how you can take advantage of this MoolaPerk, go to our MoolaPerks page and login, or sign up free!

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