New Year’s Rent-olutions


It’s that time of year where we take a look at what millennials are going to try to do in 2017. From cutting back on social media, to doubling down on social media, they’re ready to make the life-changing decisions that they’ll stick to for a few days before they go right back to their old ways. Let’s light a candle for all of them. Additionally, with all of our Internet freedom we have attached our advice to accomplish your goals!*

*Our advice has only been proven to work 100% of the time in resolution 13. As for the rest of them, 60% of the time they work every time.

  1. “I’d like to get better at adult-ing.” Our advice: Stop cancelling plans at the last minute.

  2. “I want my own Wikipedia page” Our advice: Do something that will make headlines, preferably nothing against the law.

  3. “I don’t want to do as much stuff, and I want to be home more.” Our advice: Make less plans and turn off ‘read receipts’ on your phone.

  4. “I’d like to get a girl/boyfriend, I hear that’s nice.” Our advice: Don’t try so hard. 

  5. “I want to be single, I hear that’s nice.” Our advice: Breakup with your S.O.

  6. “I should stop cutting my own hair.” Our advice: Make an appointment, and don’t tell them you’ve been cutting your own hair, blame a fictional hairdresser, it will make for great conversation.

  7. “I’d like to support small local businesses.” Our advice: Stop going to Starbucks.

  8. “I’d like to continue going to the gym, but not Instagram it.” Our advice: Just. Don’t.

  9. “Get more twitter followers.” Our advice: #hashtag

  10. “I’d like to break 200 Facebook likes. I’d like to know what that’s like.” Our advice: Fake an engagement.

  11. “I’d like to not check my Facebook for at least an hour.” Our advice: Take hour-long naps.

  12. “I’d like to cook more than pasta, sandwiches and cereal.” Our advice: Get a crockpot.

  13. “I don’t want to write a rent check. Ever again.” Our advice: Get RentMoola.


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