Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Keep!

Yes, another New Year’s resolution list. The difference? This one is actually attainable. How do I know? Because I googled the “Top 10 Broken New Year’s Resolutions”, which happen to be the most popular New Year’s resolutions, and now I’m going to put a lazy spin on it, to make it easier for you to accomplish.
*Disclaimer: I am by no means qualified to give life lessons, but if there’s anything I know a LOT about, it’s how to be lazy.*

Broken New Year’s Resolution #10: Drink Less

The more attainable resolution: Drink Less Once A Week.

Let’s be realistic, most of us don’t drink every day of the week. Usually just a Friday or a Saturday night, so a more realistic resolution would be to maybe nix one of those nights of drinking. Use Friday to unwind from your exhausting work week. Draw a bath, put on a movie, go to bed early, and the best part? Wake up Saturday WITHOUT a hangover! It’s revolutionary, and may change your life forever.

Broken New Year’s Resolution #9: Volunteer

The more attainable resolution: Do Something For Someone Else, As Often As Possible

This one is probably the most beneficial for your mental wellness (in my opinion) and for your karma, if you’re into that. It’s also something we should probably all be doing more of anyway. And “doing something for someone else” is sort of what “volunteering” is whittled down to, helping people with no monetary gain. Something as simple as holding a door for someone, or giving up your seat on the bus can fall under this category. Simple! Do it!

Broken New Year’s Resolution #8: Be Less Stressed

The more attainable resolution: Relax More

A lazy spin on an important resolution, with ultimately the same outcome. Look at the things around you that stress you out, like sitting in traffic, how can you avoid that? Leave 15 minutes earlier than usual. Seriously, it is that easy. And with the time saved not sitting in traffic, go home and do NOTHING. Sit and soak in the nothingness, just stare up at the ceiling and appreciate that you are graced with any period of time where you can do absolutely nothing.

Broken New Year’s Resolution #7: Travel to New Places

The more attainable resolution: Be A Tourist in Your Own City

Some of us aren’t lucky enough to make enough money to travel as much as we’d like, or get enough vacation time to go on a significant trip. But local hotels are reasonably priced, especially in off-season times. So pick a weekend, and book a 2-night stay in a hotel, even if it’s just 15 minutes from your home. The thrill of waking up in a bed that isn’t your own is quite remarkable, even if you don’t get to spend your afternoon on the beach, grabbing a bottle of wine and ordering a pizza sounds like a great vacation to me.

Broken New Year’s Resolution #6: Spend More Time With Family

The more attainable resolution: Call Your Family More

Many of us have family living in other cities, making family time a luxury. Additionally, some of us have family that drive us crazy. A solution to both of those, call your family more. In fact, call them so much that you have absolutely nothing to talk about and they get sick of hearing from you. This way, they’re up to date on the happenings in your life, and they won’t guilt you at the next family event for not communicating enough with them.

Broken New Year’s Resolution #5: Get Out of Debt and Save Money

The more attainable resolution: Make A Budget

Whoever came up with the resolution to “get out of debt and save money” is a jerk. I can confidently say that even if I spent every dime of my income on my debt (after paying bills, rent, car payments, etc.), I would still have debt by the end of the year — that being said, I would have no money in my savings. A better plan? Make a budget! Use an actually pen and paper and write down your monthly expenses, just so that you can see how much money you actually spend. This way, you’re able to see where you may be wasting money, perhaps on eating out, or buying lunch at work instead of packing a lunch. This way you can accurately cut back, and with that money you can pay off debt and save accordingly.

Broken New Year’s Resolution #4: Eat Healthier and Diet

The more attainable resolution: Quit Eating Garbage

This isn’t to be taken literally, I’m assuming you don’t actually eat garbage. But there is a fine line between fast food and garbage. I definitely don’t mean counting carbs and reading all of the ingredients on the food you’re eating, that’s a bit extreme. But if you throw some lettuce and grilled chicken in a whole wheat wrap instead of grabbing a Big Mac on your lunch break at work, you’re doing yourself a huge favour.

Broken New Year’s Resolution #3: Learn Something New

The more attainable resolution: Learn Something New That Can Be Learned Within A Week

I think the reason this resolution gets broken so often is because people tell themselves to learn an entire language, and though that is admirable, it’s likely you will start and grow tired of how much time it’s taking up. Maybe try something a bit simpler, like yoga. There are dozens of videos for beginners yoga that you can do in your own living room, for free!

Broken New Year’s Resolution #2: Quit Smoking

The more attainable resolution: Quit Smoking. Sorry, No Way Around This One.

Broken New Year’s Resolution #1: Lose Weight and Get Fit

The more attainable resolution: Find A Physical Activity You Enjoy, Do it As Often As You Can

Physical activity will naturally make you fitter, and your fitness level going up with naturally cause you to lose some weight. Be fair to yourself, we aren’t all meant to join Cross Fit (or as I lovingly refer to it as Cult Fit.) But getting into a routine of going for a walk on your lunch break can make a big difference, or if you want to challenge yourself you can start your morning with push-ups or sit-ups. It’s affordable, it’s doable, and it will make you feel great. I, personally, have discovered yoga this year. And being a very lazy person, this works perfectly for me, it’s basically organized stretching, and it feels awesome.

Lazy people have a bad reputation. I like to think of myself as someone who likes to be comfortable, and sometimes that means sitting in a blanket in my living room instead of doing any other physical activity. Hopefully this has provided you with a small sense of hope that you can attain some of your New Year’s resolutions!

From all of us at RentMoola, have a safe and happy 2015!

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