It’s Time To Get Your Meal Delivered With Orderit


How many times have you found yourself at home, hungry, with no food in the fridge or pantry, thinking “there should be more restaurants that deliver.”

We give you Orderit!

With Orderit, you can now have nearly any food you like delivered to your door for a small fee. You can narrow down your search for the exact food you’re craving, with categories like Thai, Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Sushi or Sandwiches – you’re bound to find whatever you’re hungry for.


Orderit operates in Canada in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. They also have a similar motto as RentMoola, because RentMoola believes that paying rent should be rewarding. Orderit also believes that ordering food should be rewarding, which is why they’re offering points for free food with their Go Points program. Enrollment for the Go Points program is free, and for every dollar you spend with Orderit, you will receive 10 Go Points! Doesn’t that make your mouth water even more?

Orderit believes in ordering real food from real restaurants, because takeout and delivery shouldn’t mean sacrificing good quality. Orderit offers deliveries from unique local restaurants that don’t offer delivery themselves, as well as your favourite takeout and delivery restaurants.

Enjoying a great meal is now just a click away! For more information, visit their website, or sign up free for a RentMoola account to have a look at our entire list of MoolaPerks, which we are adding to every week!

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