7 Effective Studying Tips For Final Exams

As the semester winds down to a close, finals season is upon us! Before we can get to the fun of summer we must go through the pain of finals. Whether this is your first year or not, here are 7 effective studying tips to help you ace your final exams. 1. Start Early No matter when your exams start, you always have less time than you think you have to study for them. The best possible advice is to start by reviewing your notes as early as possible. 2. Create a Study Group  There's power in numbers! Talk to the
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4 Tips to Stage the Perfect Apartment Viewing

Showing an apartment is like meeting someone for the first time - the first impression is everything. People aren't going to spend too long on a viewing so you need to make sure that your apartment looks its absolute best. Here are four things you can do to help rent your apartment quickly and stage the perfect apartment viewing. Generalize the Apartment People want to be comfortable in an apartment they might buy, but they may not want to see too much of a random stranger's belongings. Personal tastes may be too specific and end up turning people off of their
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