Can I Pay Rent Without a Check?

Paying rent each month can be a hassle, especially when your landlord wants you to pay rent with checks. Fewer people carry checks nowadays and it's not always convenient to order them from your bank and wait for them to arrive. You may find yourself asking "can I pay my rent without a check" and rest assured the answer is yes! There are a number of ways you can pay rent other than using checks that are more convenient and far more rewarding for you as a tenant. Paying your rent with checks isn't rewarding but many other methods are!
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Spring Upgrades For Your Rental

After the winter your rental property is likely to have taken a bit of an aesthetic hit from the weather. Spring cleaning is always a good idea, no matter how old your rental is. Upgrading your rental after Spring will add value to your property and your tenants will be happy that you're taking care of anything that needed fixing after winter. Clean the Carpets  Clean carpets instantly spruce up the interior of your rental! Your carpets are probably full of dirt and salt after people have been walking all over them in their boots all winter and could use
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