With RentMoola, we have been emphasizing how easy we make it for you to pay your rent (and get rewarded for it) — we would now like to point out how having a mobile responsive site, like we do, can make paying your rent even easier!

How many times have you been sitting in the bathroom when you realized, “OH —- I forgot to pay my rent!!”

Now how many times have you been sitting in the bathroom, with your phone in your hands? Every time, you say? Well isn’t that convenient!

RentMoola’s slick new redesign, which we have coined RM 2.0, has been designed so that everyone can use it easily from any tablet or mobile device. Since it’s 2015 and everyone is pretty much glued to their phone anyway.



Here are the facts: 

RentMoola is mobile friendly, which allows you to pay your rent, from anywhere, at anytime.

Here are a list of places you might be, when you realize “OH —- I forgot to pay my rent!”

  • On the toilet

  • Standing at a bus stop

  • In class

  • Ordering a cup of coffee

  • At work

  • Happy hour drinks after work

  • At your second cousin’s mandatory 8th birthday party

  • Taking your dog for a walk

  • Grocery shopping

  • Perusing Reddit

  • Watching Breaking Bad reruns on Netflix

  • Creeping your ex on Facebook

  • Reading BuzzFeed’s Top 20 Things You Really Don’t Need To Know

  • Googling “the best ab workouts”

  • Instagramming a gym selfie

  • Rolling your eyes at someone else’s gym selfie

  • Watching cat videos on YouTube

What do all those things have in common? Your phone is 99.99% likely to be in your hand, or near you.

So sign up for RentMoola, and never let any of those activities be disturbed ever again!


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