Plan A Week Of Healthy Meals With $60 Or Less


Here’s a list of some of the most annoying tasks that people must perform, but sometimes we really wish that we didn’t have to:

Waiting in traffic
Grocery shopping
Waiting for transit (and taking transit)
Doing taxes
Taking the garbage out

While those are tolerable, they’re annoying. And we’re here to introduce to you a way to avoid at least one of them.

One thing that is hard to understand is how quickly people abandon their meal plans. Why would a person choose to cook meals, wash dishes and, the worst part of all, go grocery shopping when they don’t have to?

Firstly, it’s 2016. There’s an app for that, or at least a service that will deliver it for you. RentMoola members have the privilege of taking advantage of discounts to one of several delivery services, depending on where you’re located we’ve got one for you! We’ve got deals for products and services like SPUDInstacart, Foodora, Mealspirations, JUST EAT, Mouth, RawSpiceBar, Fresh City Farms, Carnivore Club and more! Check out our MoolaPerks page to see a full list here.

But if you’re still into the whole going-to-the-grocery-to-get-your-food thing, then here’s a few pointers to healthy eating on a budget.

Buy the staples.

Bread, milk, eggs, peanut butter, and rice. Now, the trick is to make sure the rest of the food you buy is as versatile as possible. Don’t buy bananas just because you like bananas, buy them because you can make peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Buy a brand of cereal that you can put some banana slices in, that sort of thing. Now, say you’re debating between getting lemons or honey to put in tea. Go with honey, because you already have everything you need for peanut butter sandwiches, and now you don’t need to buy any jelly.

Explore every possible combination you can think of.

A typical week may have: Bread, milk, eggs, peanut butter, rice, and cereal (the staples). Combined with: Carrots, spinach, romaine lettuce, chicken, deli-sliced ham, hummus, apples, bananas, mozzarella cheese, almonds, pasta, tomato sauce, honey, salad dressing, mustard, and a box of gluten-free macaroni and cheese.

With all of the items listed above you are now able to make:

  • Stir-fry with chicken, nuts and vegetables
  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Honey-mustard chicken over rice
  • Salad with spinach, nuts, apples and grilled chicken on top
  • Ham sandwich with mozzarella cheese and mustard
  • Ham and spinach can be tossed into the macaroni and cheese
  • Carrots dipped in hummus for snacks
  • Apples with cheese, also good for snacks

That’s en entire week of three meals a day and it all cost roughly $60, and this is assuming you didn’t already have some rice, peanut butter or honey left over at home.

What if you share with roommates?

Sharing is difficult to do with roommates. Distributing costs equally can prove to cause tension. Imagine you all pay for a carton of orange juice and you drink a glass every day, while your roommate only has one or two a week. Plus, you might all eat different food. If this weekly meal plan is something you want to explore, best to do your own thing and label food accordingly – with open communication as food labelling can come across as passive-aggressive.


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