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Earth Hour will be taking place Saturday, March 27 at 8:30 pm and this year marks the 10th year anniversary of the initiative. Millions of people around the world will shut off their lights for an hour in an attempt to raise awareness about climate change. As a property manager, you can encourage your tenants to take part in the event and make a commitment to help combat climate change! Here are some ways you can get involved.

Promote the event

You can display posters in your lobby and elevators detailing the time and date of Earth Hour. This will remind your tenants of the event and will highlight that you partake in eco-friendly initiatives that promote sustainability. Sending out an email or including the initiative in your newsletter is another way to get the word out amongst your residents. The more people that know about Earth Hour the better! Click here for official Earth Hour posters, banners, and social media kits.

Host a get-together

If your building is larger and has shared spaces like a common room or lounge, you can plan something for your tenants to all meet there during the hour. This will encourage more people to take part in the event as well as encourage your tenants to get to know each other. 

Monitor consumption

One way to really understand the power of Earth Hour is to monitor energy consumption of your building. You will be able to record usage before and after Earth Hour and note the change in numbers. After Earth Hour you can share this information with your tenants to show them the difference one hour can make and inspire them to replicate a similar event on their own. 

Next Steps

Earth Hour is just one of many sustainability initiatives that you can partake in. If you’re looking to update your buildings, check out our guide for making homes more energy-efficient. LEED certification is another thing to look into. This is a 4 level certification that rates the environmental sustainability of a building. Getting your building LEED certified will increase the value of your property and will attract new tenants. Energy saving initiatives are important for property managers because they not only promote energy conservation but also reduce energy costs.

One hour alone will not save the Earth and eliminate climate change, but that isn’t the point. The goal of Earth Hour is to raise awareness. So get your tenants involved and show them that every hour counts!

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