Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015


Tired of all of the “Best of 2015” posts on all your social media feeds? Neither are we!

Just kidding. Everybody is tired of them.

But here’s a recap incase you missed any of these gems in the last year.

1 – Renting To Pet Owners

Dog lovers and cat lady’s (or cat… gentlemen?) are becoming a more common occurrence in the rental market. This is a huge market to turn away from as a landlord of property manager, and there are many advantages to renting to pet owners that you can’t get from tenants who don’t own pets. As a property owner, it must be hard not to picture pets scratching up floors and leaving their “mark” in every room, but – the tenants imagine that too! So give this article a once-over and perhaps, if you’re not renting to tenants with pets, perhaps this will make you change your tune!

2 – 5 Reasons Why Your Tenants Don’t Use Checks

Check writing is quickly becoming a thing of the past. It used to feel so official flicking your pen across a personal check that made even the smallest transactions feel important, because you had to take the time to sit down and write down a recipient’s name, dollar (and cent) amount, then sign your name away. So how can the steep decline be explained? Here are the top five reasons.

3 – How To Make Sure You Find The Perfect Roommate

Whether you’re looking to reduce your monthly expenses or need a friend, there are tons of reasons why people look for a roommate. Having a roomie is great practice when it comes to living together. Not only does it help prepare you for living with a partner or spouse in the future, but oftentimes reveals pet peeves and habits you didn’t know you had.

4 – What Are Gen Y Renters Looking For?

They’re coffee-swilling, internet designing, beard growing, plaid wearing RENTERS! And we’ve gathered all the information that explains exactly what they’re looking for when it comes to renting in North America, and how to track them down!

5 – Tips For A First Time Renter

Moving out of your parent’s house after high school is one of the most liberating moments you will experience in your lifetime. No more rules, curfews, or chores right? What many young people fail to remember is that with all this newfound freedom comes a great deal of responsibility. Your mom is no longer your alarm clock, things cost money and food doesn’t cook itself. With that in mind I have prepared the following tips for first time renters.

6 – Best Summer Party Ideas

Ain’t no party like a summer party. That’s what I always say. But more grammatically correct. Here are some pretty fun summer party ideas for the upcoming warm party months.

7 – Why Mobile Payments Are A Must

Just another reason why paying your rent online, on any device, at any time with RentMoola is the way to go.

8 – Featured MoolaPerk: Sitka

Lovers of the outdoors, we have good news! RentMoola is excited to announce that we’ve just partnered with Sitka to offer our users 15% off their online purchase of outdoor clothing and gear. For more details on this MoolaPerk, login or sign up free for a RentMoola account.

9 – Top 10 Amenities Millennial Renters Are Looking For

We’ve done some digging to suss out some of the statistics to represent what the millennials are looking for in a rental unit.

10 – What Type Of Roommate Are You?

We’ve documented many different types of roommates in the last year. From the clean freak, to the psychedelic roommate, there’s something that you’ve likely come across in your time as a renter.

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