How to Prepare Your Apartment for Winter


It’s already mid November and before we know it everything will be covered in snow. Winter is a great time to spend time with loved ones and stock up on hot chocolate, but it can be hard on your apartment. Here are some tips to fully prepare you to battle the winter weather.


Your windows are one of the main reasons you can lose heat in your apartment. If you have any holes in the seals of your windows, you will want to get some caulking to fill them, or simply buy a draft evader from a hardware store. Heavier curtains and drapes are another way you can keep the heat inside.


Fireplaces look great in almost any room, and really help to quickly warm you up on a cold winter day. If you do happen to have a  fireplace in your apartment, make sure everything is in working order before you want to start using it frequently. If you do need to call someone in to have it fixed, it’s good to book it early so you have it in time for the cold weather. Another great option if you don’t have a fireplace is getting a portable heater.


Switching your bedding to warmer and thicker sheets is the perfect way to battle the harsh cold nights. A down comforter is a great option for maximum heat and comfort as well. There’s nothing better than cuddling up in bed with a good book, so you may as well add extra pillows and blankets to the mix. For more inspiration, you can check out our tips for transforming your room into a cozy hideaway.


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