Property Manager Tips for the Holiday Season


The holidays and winter in general call for a little bit of extra security and care for your tenants. Not only do the winter months bring on slippery sidewalks and slushy front entrances, it also brings in the in-laws and guests, who might now know the rules of your building. We’ve come up with a list of ways you can minimize the holiday risks and have yourself a happy holiday.



Christmas trees are the go-to decoration for most tenants. Besides being pretty, they also can pose as a fire threat. Make sure to let your tenants know to keep any open flames, heat sources or any other electrical equipment away from their trees. This is effective with poster print-outs or newsletters. You also want your tenants to plug their Christmas tree lights into GFCI outlets or breakers. This will reduce the fire hazard because outlets on the circuit will be properly protected. And, be sure to check all smoke detectors before the holidays and replace any that have expired.



Messes happen, don’t lose sleep over them! You can help to avoid them in the by winterizing the inside and outside of your apartment building. This means mats at the front doors, cleaned gutters, and winterized piping. If you’ve decorated to the nines, it’s a great idea to call a cleanup company to help with the leftover junk once the holidays are over. One of our favourite MoolaPerks partners 1-800-GOT-JUNK? can do this for you in a jiffy.



If your tenants have noisy guests staying with them, this could pose a problem. You’ll likely get a complaint from your neighbours, which is never fun. The best way to resolve this is by speaking with them directly. If the noisy neighbours aren’t your tenants, ask the tenants who have filed the complaint to speak with them – and if that doesn’t work, get them to give you a complaint in writing to take to higher authorities.



Last-but-not-least, make your tenants feel at home by sending them a personalized gift. Some gift ideas under $20 that’ll be sure to bring a smile to their faces can be found on another previous post here. We’d recommend a gift card, or some sort of service like one of our MoolaPerks partners, Wow-1-Day Painting for a new paint job. We also did a previous post on how to keep your tenants happy over the holidays which will give you some other ideas on how to show your gratitude.

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