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Although some property managers feel that social media campaigns are a waste of resources,  as we found out at Landlord WEBCON this year, for others it ‘s a major catalyst for their business’s expansion.  As mentioned by Randi Zuckerbeg and Steve Cadigan, the paradox can be solved by understanding the purpose of using social media. @RentMoola, social media is in our DNA. It’s not only a daily ritual but it’s a part of every conversation, event and even in our e-mails. Tenants these days aren’t informt of the TV or a newspaper anymore, they’re online and social media is a huge part of most of your tenants’ daily lives.

Social media is not just about branding your business. It is more about strong communication with your clients, the sharing of information such as listings, events or building notices, and building relationships. When a property manager starts some social media activity, it is possible to connect with owners, residents, tenants and potential tenants. It helps and keeps everyone in the loop and has been proven to help attract and retain better tenants. As a property manager, there are 4 distinct benefits to using social media in your business:

#1. Gain a competitive advantage

You don’t need a huge budget to have a social media presence in the property management industry. Social media is often underutilized  by most managers because of the notions that a good presence takes time and money. When really, it just needs few minutes every day. You will be gaining a massive advantage over your competitors once you start some social media activities. The good thing about social media marketing is that you can gain competitive advantage irrespective of size of your company.

#2. Market your business

Social media gives you the opportunity to market your business. You will be directly communicating with current and future clients. You will be marketing your business to them even if you are only “communicating” and not “selling”. Facebook and Twitter are great for spreading the word about your business without actually selling anything.

#3. Provide quick customer service

A property manager using social media will be able to interact with its customers by listening and replying to their concerns and questions in the real-time. With social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, property managers can easily provide speedy customer service as well as help and advice to those in need.

#4. Share information

Social media is great for sharing information. You, as a property manager, can share information on the latest to laws, industry news, and advice on industry topics. Sharing information is one of the best ways to socialize with people. You will be able to improve the credibility of your business just by sharing valuable information to those who need it.

5 BONUS Tips from WEBCON to help you succeed in social media:

  1. Keep it simple. Only spend the time you really want to spend socializing. Set up various alerts so you are notified automatically when someone contacts you directly.
  2. Always share authentic information. If you are sharing some news, always provide a link to newspaper or official online resource for that article. Credit others.
  3. Don’t be salesy – try to build referrals rather than customers. To get the best results, focus on creating relationships with your followers.
  4. Post updates often. Keep your content fresh and current at all times.
  5. Always analyze your activities. Monitor traffic coming from Twitter and Facebook to your website. Analyze your conversion rates, time spent on your website, and the most valuable content.
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