The Pros and Cons of Renting A Furnished Apartment


When you are in the market searching for an apartment, you may be faced with the decision to rent a furnished apartment versus an unfurnished apartment. Renting a furnished apartment can be a great choice in a number of circumstances, but there are many things to consider before deciding whether or not it is the best solution for you. Here are the pros and cons of renting a furnished apartment.



Renting an apartment that comes with all the furniture is very convenient if you don’t have a lot of experience renting and don’t have a lot of furniture. Furnished apartments are especially perfect if you are only renting for a short period of time and don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving everything. A number of furnished apartment buildings often target students because they usually have less of their own furniture and short term leases tend to appeal to them.

Easy Move

Moving in and out of a furnished apartment is quick and easy! This does not require the multiple trips and the hassle of trying to lug large bed frames and dressers through the door. You can save money on packing and use it for decorating your new place!


Higher Rent

When renting an apartment that comes fully furnished, the rent is likely going to be much higher because everything is included. If you don’t have enough furniture to furnish your apartment, then this rise in price can be worth it.


Furnished apartments may come with generic furniture that the downside is that the furniture may be of a lesser quality. Over time this furniture may not hold up as well as your own. Another downside to renting a furnished apartment is that the furniture and decorations may not be your style.

Fewer Options

If you know that you are looking for a furnished apartment, you may have fewer options when searching. Furnished apartments are less common than unfurnished apartments so you may have a harder time looking for the perfect place.

Renting a furnished apartment can make your life much easier, and so can paying rent online. Head to RentMoola for more information.

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