Questions to Ask During an Apartment Tour


Searching for an apartment can often be stressful and the whole process can become very overwhelming. It’s easy to get distracted when viewing apartments and forget to ask the important questions you want the answers to, so here are 4 questions to make sure you ask the landlord during the apartment tour.

What’s Included 

Before you decide to sign the lease you should ask the landlord or property manager what’s included in the rent and what the amenties in the building are. It is common for the price of rent to not to include all the utilities so make sure you know whether you’d be paying for water, electricity, and internet seperately. You should also inquire about the amenities in the building. Find out whether or not the building has a pool, gym, or green spaces and what the laundry situation is. Knowing the amenities might help you justify the rent cost or prove you could do better somewhere else.


You don’t want to be stuck paying for fees here and there after you’ve already signed the lease, so it’s best to ask these questions at the start. Determine whether there are any move in, security or pet fees associated with the apartment and factor those into the cost accordingly.

Renter’s Insurance 

More and more landlords are requiring you have renter’s insurance as part of the lease. No one is immune to disasters and there are many scenerios where insurance can come in handy like theft or floods. You can get affordabe coverage with Hub for as little as $19/month. Click here for more information.

How You Pay Rent 

An important question to ask during the apartment tour is how they want you to pay rent. The traditional standard is paying in checks, but this is quickly becoming outdated. If the landlord asks you to pay rent in cash you can quickly determine this is a scam. Paying rent online makes everything easier for both parties involved and lets you save money and time. RentMoola makes rent rewarding by letting you pay your rent from anywhere and give you access to exclusive deals from some of the hottest brands.

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