The Recipe for a Great Apartment Listing

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Online listings are the most common ways people find apartments now so you need your listing to not only be informational but it also needs to stand out. Creating a perfect listing is essential to finding tenants for your apartment and will ensure that you aren’t stuck with a vacant place. Here are a few elements that help to make a great apartment listing.

Good Pictures

A picture is worth a million words and good pictures will definitely will help sell the apartment. When you take pictures for the listing, make sure the rooms are nice and tidy and the apartment is well kept. Also ensure that the pictures that you post are high quality and not blurry so the prospective tenants get a good idea of what the place looks like.

Contact Information 

A great listing is worthless if you do not include all of your contact info. Make sure that your listing includes a name, phone number and email for tenants to contact you for potential viewings.

List the Amenities

The perfect listing includes all of the amenities in the apartment as well as the building. Identify what is included in the lease and what utilities are extra. Knowing that the apartment is close to transit, includes laundry and parking will definitely add to the list of pros. Give some insight into the neighborhood and what it would be like for people to live in the apartment.

Basic Information

Start the listing off with the basic information like the square footage of the apartment as well as the rental price and the day the apartment is first available. Include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms and whether or not it is furnished as well. It’s also good practice to list the appliances like whether or not the unit has a dishwasher.

Another thing you can add to the listing to help you stand out is that you offer tenants the option to pay their rent online. Head to RentMoola to find out how you can make paying rent rewarding for you and your tenants.


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