How to Rent With Bad Credit


More people continue to rent, but unfortunately, one thing that can stand in the way of your dream apartment is a poor credit score. Whatever your financial history, there are ways to deal with poor credit history. Landlords don’t want to be tough, but they can’t afford to have tenants that aren’t going to pay their rent. Here are some ways to get around having poor credit.

Tell the Truth

If you know that you don’t have a very good credit score, be honest with your potential landlord. If you can take the initiative, they might respect that you told the truth up front rather than them finding out later on. A co-signor can sign the lease with you to ensure that all rent will be paid on time.

Ask for a Recommendation

Depending on your relationship with your current landlord, they could potentially write you a letter of recommendation. They can detail what kind of tenant you are and vouch for you as someone that always pays rent on time. 

Do some Research

Not all apartments require credit checks, so do some research to determine your options. Many landlords know that credit history isn’t always a great indication of a person’s ability to pay rent. There are many ways to accurately prove your income, so check out this article on proving income. 

Build Credit 

The one good thing is that your credit score can change. One easy way to build credit is by paying your rent online with your credit card. Your rent is a recurring monthly charge that you can always count on, and paying it each month will help to build up your credit score. To find out how you can make rent rewarding for you, head to RentMoola

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