Rent With Benefits | Volume 1


For some people owning a home is a lifelong goal that they strive to achieve. However, in this day and age, renting is a much more favourable choice. Renting comes with a long list of benefits that you just cannot achieve when you’re a home owner. This series is aiming to highlight those benefits to show everyone why renting is awesome.


A huge advantage that renters have over homeowners is that they have no maintenance cost or repair bills to pay for. When you’re a renter, your landlord is legally responsible for all maintenance and repair costs — which can get very high.

If an appliance stops working or your roof starts leaking, you don’t have any financial responsibility to have these things fixed.Homeowners, on the other hand, are completely responsible for all their own repairs, maintenance and renovation costs.

This might not be a big deal to you if you’re Johnny Handyman. But some of us are simply unable to fix the appliances in our apartment without extreme struggle.

Some of us even struggle with the blinds.

So next time you start to wonder if renting is for you, try to imagine what your day-to-day would be like if every time something broke (like the fridge, or the washing machine, or the toilet) you had the be the one to repair it, or pay for the repairs. Not a good scene, so how about you avoid that situation all together and rent. And speaking of making your life more convenient, why not sign up for online rent payments with RentMoola?

RentMoola also allows one time payments, so if there ever is a time that you are paying for repairs for your unit, your landlord has a quick and easy way to reimburse you for anything spent.

Sign up free for RentMoola today to take advantage of all the benefits that it offers to renters like you.


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