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It might surprise you how easy it is to make green beer for yourself, and your friends for St. Patrick’s Day.

First some history, where did green beer come from? We don’t know. Nobody really knows. The end.

Now for the part you’re really interested in: beer.

There’s no trick, and it requires no special certified bartending skills. It’s simply light-coloured beer that has a drop of green food colouring added to it. The flavour doesn’t change, just the colour. So you don’t have to worry about your beer snob friends complaining that you tainted the beer.

It should be noted that if you want to drink like a real Irishman, and celebrate the Emerald Isle’s heritage, nothing is more appropriate than a pint of Guinness or a shot of Irish Whisky.

While we’re on the topic of St. Patrick’s Day, here’s a helpful tip: RentMoola is partnered with Drizly and Wine Collective. Both of which can help you host a solid St Patrick’s Day party.

Drizly delivers beer, wine, or liquor to your door in under an hour. It’s like having a liquor store on your phone. With the largest retail delivery network in the US, Drizly is the fastest, most convenient way for consumers to get their refreshments. Also, products on Drizly cost the same as they do in liquor stores – there’s no markups!

RentMoola members will be happy to know that they receive $5 off their delivery from Drizly, click here to claim this MoolaPerk!

What if you’ve got guests who don’t drink beer? No problem, RentMoola has partnered with Wine Collective, which curates and delivers the best wines available in Canada. They taste hundreds of wines each month and choose the best for their wine club members. RentMoola members get $20 off their first subscription or gift package. Redeem for Genesis, Evolution, Indulgence or Expansion wine packages. Click here to claim this MoolaPerk!


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