Renters. Welcome to RGeneration!

We are global thinkers, passionate, experience driven, agile, mobile and aspirational. We want smart lifestyle solutions and we want rewarding lifestyles. We want the best that we can get, and through our phones, tablets, apps and smart watches, we either know what that is or at least what it could be.

Gone are the days of paying rent with getting any value – these days we are ever-connected and readily informed, we know there’s a better way, a more rewarding way!

We are renters, and we hate how unrewarding that can be. We want the flexibility and ease of mobility offered by renting, and we either don’t want or can’t have the ties of ownership.

We are done with spending big money on property. If we’re renting, then we want to be rewarded for it.

We want options. We want to pay online and be on the move – from the bar on our phones, or from the beach on our tablets. Some of us want to pay by credit card – we want the  miles and points! Some of us want to pay by debit card and direct debit – we’d still like some perks!

We want the option to switch between payment methods month-to-month. We want to take control of our rental payments, and to make them work for us like we do with the rest of our lives.

And we want simplicity. We want all of this to be as simple, straightforward and flexible as setting a doodle calendar or booking an Uber. Why should paying our rent be stuck in the nineties?!

RGeneration demands all of these things. And RentMoola is bringing these payment options and flexibility to RGeneration. When paying rent online through RentMoola, you get rewarded. Whether it’s through more miles, points and cash back earned faster by paying rent with your credit card, or whether you access our rewarding MoolaPerks program with  great lifestyle brands and services including Zipcar, UBER, Lovespace and Honest Brew, RentMoola users benefit from savings on smarter lifestyle choices.

To find out about our fantastic MoolaPerks in the UK, click here! For our awesome MoolaPerks in the U.S. and Canada, click here!

Unrewarding rent is a thing of the past. RGeneration is doing it our own way.

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Patrick Postrehovsky

The author Patrick Postrehovsky

Patrick serves as RentMoola’s Co-Founder and CEO, he's also an airline nerd and travel aficionado and global expat having rented in Melbourne, Shanghai, Toronto, Vancouver and now London. Besides driving the change in how people make real estate payments more rewarding around the world, he is currently working towards saving up his Asia Miles for a trip to Hong Kong and donating his Aeroplan miles to Aeroplan'€™s Beyond Miles program.

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